Linguistics in Practice Award

The Linguistics in Practice award will be bestowed for the first time at the 2025 Annual Meeting. It honors an individual linguist or a team (including at least one linguist) that has had an influence or impact on culture or society, especially on individuals without linguistics training. It honors a career outside academia for a lifetime of achievement or an important instance of invention or innovation.
The award will consist of recognition at the LSA Annual Meeting, a wide announcement comparable to other LSA award winners, and a special episode of the podcast, Linguistics CareerCast. This award has no financial value.

About the award

  • Recognizes the breadth of audience (both direct and indirect) and the scope of a product or service’s impact.
  • Values innovation including borrowings and adaptations of existing paradigms and products, as well as net-new methods or practices.
  • Recognizes pioneers for creating new career paths, and making linguistics or language knowledge part of job requirements.
  • Highlights making linguistic knowledge an aspect of quality.
Below are venues meant to spark the imagination about the breadth and scope of impact opportunities. This is NOT an exhaustive list.
  • New and old media (publishing, film & television, AR/VR, social media)
  • Natural language processing, artificial intelligence, large language models, machine learning
  • Civic design and civic tech
  • Naming and branding, intellectual property
  • User/customer experience design & research
  • Conversation design
  • Automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech, orthographies, fonts
  • Taxonomies, ontology, knowledge management, information architecture
  • Standards and policies
  • Language access
  • Translation & interpretation, language learning (especially in digital products)
  • Lexicography, terminology
  • Laws and regulations, jury instructions
  • Business writing, technical documents, instructional design
  • Organizational development, systems thinking, business processes
  • Arts institutions, libraries, museums
  • Non-profit organizations (management & development)
  • Medicine, and allied health
  • Discourse analysis of communication in institutional settings



  • Must have at least one degree in linguistics
  • Primary area of employment must be focused in sectors such as business, industry, government, non-profits, entrepreneurship, technology. That is, outside of higher education.


  • Must include at least 2 members, one of whom must have a degree in linguistics.
  • ​Primary area of employment must be focused in sectors such as business, industry, government, non-profits, entrepreneurship, technology - that is, outside of higher education/academia
Neither the nominator nor the award candidate is required to be a member of the LSA.


As nominations warrant.

About the nominations

All nominations should include the following, as appropriate:

  • A description of the body of work which is the basis of the nomination
  • An assessment of its significance
    • Provide evidence that the work has had a demonstrable impact on a specific venue, market segment or industry
  • A description of the nominee’s contribution to this work. And for a team, the key elements of each member’s contribution
  • Evidence of the accessibility of the work to non-specialist audiences and/or awareness of the work by specialist audiences
  • At least 2 supportive letters (but no more than 5) that attest to the significance of the work.


All nominations will be evaluated by a panel of (at least 3) linguists from the LBA SIG leadership, representing work in technology, industry, non-profit organizations and government agencies. The panel reviews nominations and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee, which must formally approve the recommendations.

Submit nominations

In 2024, nominations are open until the end of the day on July 25. Nominations will not be accepted after this date.