Early Career Award


Instituted in 2010, this award recognizes scholars early in their career who have made outstanding contributions to the field of linguistics. The award provides travel reimbursement (up to $500) and complimentary registration for the next Annual Meeting. Given annually, as nominations warrant.


Nominees must have received their Ph.D. within 10 calendar years of the year of their nomination. (When the Early Career Award was instituted, the time limit was seven years. It was raised to ten years in 2015, to take effect with the 2016 award.)
Nominators must be current LSA members. Their letter of nomination (to be submitted in sections via the online form) should include the following, as appropriate:
  • Evidence of satisfying eligibility criteria
  • Discussion of scholarly products and evaluation of their importance/significance. Mention breadth of (sub)field(s) that are impacted and depth of impact in specific subfields
  • Discussion of publication quality and rate, in comparison to other linguists at that career stage
  • Evidence of original thinking: of having gone beyond dissertation work into different/cutting edge areas, and/or of having explored new approaches to old problems
  • Discussion of contributions to public awareness and exposure to linguistics
  • Discussion of contributions to the field (conference planning, service to local and national organizations, etc.)
  • Discussion of contributions to language community or communities
  • Discussion of contributions to workplace, university/departmental life, if appropriate

*Nomination links will only be active during the nomination window.  In 2024, nominations are open April 8th - end of day on July 12th. Nominations will not be accepted after this date.


The LSA Awards Committee reviews nominations and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee, which must formally approve the recommendations.

Previous Awardees

2024: Laura Kalin
2023: Nicole Holliday
2022: Charles B. Chang and Amy Rose Deal
2021: Nicholas Henriksen 
2020: Gabriela Pérez Báez 
2019: Andrea Berez-Kroeker
2018: Kristen Syrett 
2017: Jeffrey Heinz
2016: Judith Tonhauser 
2015: Lev Michael
2014: Adrian Brasoveanu
2013: Jon Sprouse
2012: Seth Cable 
2011: Andries Coetzee