Committee on Endangered Languages and Their Preservation

CELP Subcommittee Structure
Previous CELP Chairs


Established in 1992.


The Committee on Endangered Languages and their Preservation (CELP) calls attention to the rapid loss of language diversity worldwide and encourages the documentation and study of endangered languages.


The work of the Committee includes but is not limited to the following:

Membership (open)

At least 6 members, serving three-year terms.

To join CELP, please click on the button below or login to the website and in the left side menu on the Member Portal click on "My Committees and SIGs." 

Committee Structure, 2024

  • Senior Chair: Joseph Dupris, Brown University (2024)
  • Junior Chair: Raymond Huaute, University of California, Riverside (2026)
  • Executive Committee Liaison: Carmen Dagostino, California State University, San Bernardino (2024) 
  • Staff Liaison: Vy Le, Director of Membership and Governance
  • Student Officer: Martin Renard, University of Toronto