Natives4Linguistics Special Interest Group



Founded in 2019 in response to a need for such a group identified by the participants of the Natives4Linguistics 2018 satellite workshop held at the LSA Annual Meeting. 


Responding to the dearth of Native American and other Indigenous representation within the discipline, the Group aims to create a long-term space of support and a network of people doing similar work in order to share information and knowledge on integrating Native American and other Indigenous intellectual traditions into the research questions, methods, products, and protocols of the discipline.


  • Increasing the participation of Native American and other Indigenous peoples within the discipline of Linguistics as well as at the LSA Annual Meeting..
  • Developing and promoting decolonial strategies to better incorporate Native American and other Indigenous needs and values about language into linguistic science. This includes sharing these with LSA leaders and assisting them with implementation.
  • Creating a space for Indigenous community scholars and linguists, and non-Indigenous linguist partners to network and gain insight on relevant issues concerning Indigenous communities and their respective languages.


To join N4L, please click on the button below or login to the website and in the left side menu on the Member Portal click on "My Committees and SIGs." 


Convener: Cristina Newhall, University of Arizona
Executive Committee Liaison:  Andrea Berez-Kroker
Staff Liaison: Vy Le, Director of Membership and Governance

Any member of the LSA is welcome to join the Natives4Linguistics Special Interest Group.  If you are interested in joining, please contact Convenor Christina Newhall.

N4L SIG member spreadsheet. Please send any additional info for the spreadsheet to with SUBJECT LINE = Please update my info on spreadsheet.