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Webinar: Linguists and Linguistics in Tech
This webinar focuses on the skills necessary to make the switch to tech, the linguistics subfields that are in demand currently and the sometimes surprising ways in which linguists use their training in related tech fields. Speakers include both trained linguists and computer scientists who work with linguists, lending a practical lens from which to view the utility of linguistics in the world of tech. Participants will learn to see their training, skills and shortcoming through the lens of the tech world and, in so doing, better understand how to effectively pursue meaningful work therein.

Webinar: Working in Tech -- It's Not Just for Computational Linguists
In this webinar, we heard from linguists working in tech who found nontraditional, unexpected paths into the sector, and who continue to find new and interesting ways to express and employ their linguistic skills and interests. They shared their experiences, including things they wish they had known when they were starting on this professional path.