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Webinar: PennController for IBEX: A New Platform for Online Experiment Design
This webinar introduces PennController for IBEX, a new platform for online experiment design. PennController provides a user-friendly yet powerful and versatile script for incorporating a diverse range of features in your experiment, such as multimedia support and dynamic unfolding of events.
?Our goal for the webinar will be to reproduce this simple experiment. We will develop and host experiments on the PCIbex Farm, which comes with its own interface and requires no server setup, software installation or prior knowledge of a programming language. Focusing on fundamental concepts and the basic logic of the interface, this webinar will be useful both to researchers new to online experiments and ones with prior experience on other platforms.
PennController for IBEX and the PCIbex Farm are free to use and open-source. They are extensions of IBEX (Internet-Based EXperiments) a free, javascript-based platform allowing you to design and run experiments online in a standard browser, developed by Alex Drummond for common text-based, psycho-linguistic tasks, including self-paced reading and rating studies.?