Executive Committee (EC)


Officers of the Executive Committee

President: Marlyse Baptista, University of Pennsylvania
Vice President/President-Elect: Heidi Harley, University of Arizona
Immediate Past President: Anthony C. Woodbury, University of Texas at Austin
Secretary-Treasurer: Frederick J. Newmeyer, University of Washington, University of British Columbia, and Simon Fraser University

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At-Large Members of the Executive Committee

Melissa Michaud Baese-Berk, University of Oregon (2025)
Andrea Berez-Kroeker, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (2024)​
Marie Bissell, The Ohio State University, student representative (2024)
Carmen Dagostino, California State University, San Bernardino(2024)
Hadas Kotek, Apple and MIT (2026)
Jennifer Nycz, Georgetown University (2026)
John R. Starr, Cornell University, student representative (2026)
Alicia Beckford Wassink, University of Washington (2025)
Margaret Vitullo, Executive Director, Linguistic Society of America, ex-officio

Read about the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Committee


Advisors to the Executive Committee


Margaret Thomas, Boston College


Joe Salmons, University of Wisconsin

Publications Advisor

Patrick Farrell, UC Davis (emeritus)

Institute Advisor

Melissa Baese-Berk, University of Chicago

Key Policies

Conflict of Interest Statement

It is the intention of the LSA that the following Conflict of Interest policy be signed annually by the editors of LSA journals, and by the members of the Executive Committee. [pdf]

Financial and Administrative Policies and Procedures (FAPPM)

The FAPPM describes the various policies and procedures governing the financial and administrative operations of the LSA.

Expense Form

Download the FY 2024 LSA Expense Form