Language - Volume 90, Number 4 (December 2014)

Letters to Language

Seth Cable & Geoffrey Sampson

p. 785, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0093

Two types of deverbal nominalization in Northern Paiute

Maziar Toosarvandani

pp. 786-833, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0086

On the disunity of right-node raising phenomena: Extraposition, ellipsis, and deletion

Rui P. Chaves

pp. 834-886, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0081

The semantics of sluicing: Beyond truth conditions

Scott AnderBois

pp. 887-926, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0110

Asymmetries in the prosodic phrasing of function words: Another look at the suffixing preference

Nikolaus P. Himmelmann

pp. 927-960, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0105

Language and Public Policy

Jasmine and the Bee: Spelling word-initial [th] in English

Gerald R. McMenamin & Lindsay N. Kerr

pp. e149-e164, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0073

Language management in the People’s Republic of China

Bernard Spolsky

pp. e165-e179, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0075


How to investigate linguistic diversity: Lessons from the Pacific Northwest

Henry Davis, Carrie Gillon, & Lisa Matthewson

pp. e180-e226, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0076

How field linguists have been investigating linguistic diversity: Commentary on Davis, Gillon, and Matthewson

Willem de Reuse

pp. e227-e231, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0077

Competing methods for uncovering linguistic diversity: The case of definite and indefinite articles (Commentary on Davis, Gillon, and Matthewson)

Matthew S. Dryer

pp. e232-e249, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0070

Descriptive hypothesis testing is distinct from comparative hypothesis testing: Commentary on Davis, Gillon, and Matthewson

Martin Haspelmath

pp. e250-e257, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0071

Teaching Linguistics

High school linguistics: A secondary school elective course

Suzanne Loosen

pp. e258-e273, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0072

A tactile IPA magnet-board system: A tool for blind and visually impaired students in phonetics and phonology classrooms

Brook Danielle Lillehaugen, Gabriela Echavarría Moats, Daniel Gillen, Elizabeth Peters, & Rebecca Schwartz

pp. e274-e283, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0074


The language of Queen Elizabeth I: A sociolinguistic perspective on royal style and identity by Mel Evans (review)

Graham Williams

pp. 961-963, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0100

The transmission of Anglo-Norman: Language history and language acquisition by Richard Ingham (review)

David W. Lightfoot

pp. 963-966, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0095

The Bloomsbury companion to phonetics ed. by Mark J. Jones and Rachael-Anne Knight (review)

Maria-Josep Solé

pp. 967-971, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0088

Numeral classifiers in Chinese: The syntax-semantics interface by XuPing Li (review)

Matthias Gerner

pp. 971-974, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0083

Computational methods for corpus annotation and analysis by Xiaofei Lu (review)

Richard Xiao

pp. 975-977, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0078

Sign language: An international handbook ed. by Roland Pfau, Markus Stein-bach, and Bencie Woll (review)

Susan Fischer

pp. 977-980, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0107

Rich languages from poor inputs ed. by Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini and Robert C. Berwick (review)

Iris Berent

pp. 980-983, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0102

Grammatical variation in British English dialects: A study in corpus-based dialectometry by Benedikt Szmrecsanyi (review)

Warren Maguire

pp. 983-986, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0097

Clause structure by Elly van Gelderen (review)

Tor A. Åfarli

pp. 986-989, DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0091