Institutional Subscriptions

Colleges, universities, research institutes, and subscription agents can purchase institutional subscriptions. Institutional subscriptions must be ordered through this website. We have outlined the process here for your convenience. Please read through these steps and then start your order.

How to place an order

  1. Select an institutional subscription type below.
  2. Once you have selected a subscription type, you will be brought to an online form. Enter the requested information for each institutional subscription you are ordering.
  3. Complete your payment.
    • Wire or ACH Payment.
      • LSA's Wire and ACH payment information is available here.
      • If you are paying via ACH or wire transfer, send the funds prior to completing the order form. Indicate that you are paying by wire transfer on your order form and provide the payment number or wire number associated with your payment. When you reach the end of the form, click CLOSE. 
    • Credit card.
      • If you would like to pay online with a credit card, when you reach the end of the form, click CONTINUE to go to the online store. Once you are in the store, chose the type of subscription you are purchasing, enter the number of subscriptions you are purchasing, and click the rotating wheel icon to update the amount due. Then complete your payment. 
  4. LSA will follow up via email to confirm that everything is complete. This may take up to four weeks. 

Start your order 

Click on the type of institutional subscription you would like to order from the list below. You will be taken to the order form.