Language - Volume 99, Issue 2 (June 2023)

A discriminative lexicon approach to word comprehension, production, and processing: Maltese plurals

Jessica Nieder, Yu-Ying Chuang, Ruben van de Vijver, Harald Baayen

pp. 242-274, DOI: XXXXXX

Demographics in the formation of language communities and in the emergence of languages: The early years of ASL in New England

Justin M. Power, Richard P. Meier

pp. 275-316, DOI: XXXXXX

A cross-language acoustic space for vocalic phonation distinctions

Patricia Keating, Jianjing Kuang, Marc Garellek, Christina M. Esposito, Sameer ud Dowla Khan

pp. 351-389, DOI: XXXXXX

Teaching Linguistics

'Language in the United States’: An innovative learner-centered, asynchronous general-education course in linguistics

Paola Cépeda, Andrei Antonenko, Mark Aronoff, Rachel Christensen, Aniello De Santo, Jennifer Jaiswal, Ji Yea Kim, Michelle Mayro, Veronica Miatto, Lori Repetti

pp. e86-e107

Research Report

Text setting in an Itelmen khodila: A phonological analysis

Jonathan David Bobaljik, David Koester, Chikako Ono, Georgi Dmitrievich Zaporotskij

pp. e108-e134