Göran Emil Hammarström

Posted: May 2020

The LSA regrets to report the December 15, 2019 death of Göran Emil Hammarström (Monash University, Emeritus). Göran joined the LSA in 1965 and was a Life Member. He also supported the LSA as a member of our Leadership Circle. His many contributions to the field and lifetime achievements are described in this tribute from Monash University (January 9, 2020):

"...In his memoirs, Göran reflected; “I have taught several thousand students. Some of them have told me that they appreciated my sense of humor, clear explanations and thorough knowledge. I feel satisfied that on the whole I have had the opportunity to do what I was interested in and that I can believe that I have done it to the best of my ability.”

The full tribute from Monash University can be read here