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Received an honor or accolade? Published a new article or book? Quoted in a news piece? Got a promotion or a new job? Brought linguistic science to your community? We invite LSA members to share your good news with us via the Member portal.

Honors and awards

These honors and awards are accolades that our members have received from entities external to LSA. For LSA honors and awards, click here

  • ALAN CIENKI awarded Semester Fellowship at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (2024)
  • SALIKOKO S. MUFWENE awarded Professor, Chaire annuel Mondes Francophones at Collège de France, Paris (2024) 
  • ISAAC BLEAMAN awarded a grant through the Faculty Early Career Development Program of the National Science Foundation for his project "Documenting and Analyzing Sociolinguistic Variation in the Speech of Holocaust Survivors" (2022)
  • ​​SALIKOKO S. MUFWENE was elected to the American Philosophical Society (2022) 
  • DAVID ADGER, ANNE CUTLER, and ALICE HARRIS were installed as Fellows of the British Academy (2022)
  • ANGELIKA KRATZNER was chosen to deliver the John Locke Lectures at the University of Oxford (2022)
  • CHRISTINE BEIER awarded a Dynamic Language Infrastructure-Documenting Endangered Languages Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities for the project "Transcription, Parsing, and Comparative Analysis of Tone in Iquito Texts" (2022)
  • VERA GRIBANOVA awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship (2022)
  • ANNE CHARITY HUDLEY, COLLEEN FITZGERALD, and CECILE MCKEE were selected as Association for the Advancement of Sciences Fellows (2022)
  • DAN JURAFSKY awarded the Atkinson Prize in Psychological and Cognitive Science (2022)
  • HENRIËTTE DE SWART, MARTIN HASPELMATH, and RAJEND MESTHRIE were elected Honorary Members of the LSA (2022)
  • CHRISTINA THOMAS awarded the Emmon Bach Fellowship (2022)

Prior years

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Books and volumes

  • BARÐDAL, JÓHANNA. 2023. Oblique Subjects in Germanic. Their Status, History and Reconstruction. Belgium: De Gruyter Mouton. posted:241103
  • CIENKI, ALAN. 2024. The Cambridge Handbook of Gesture Studies. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2024.
  • CLARK, EVE V. 2024. First Language Acquisition (4th edition). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. posted:230309
  • STIRTZ, TIMOTHY; MICHAEL CAHILL; PHILIP DAVISON (eds.) 2024. LD&C Special Publication 29: Participatory Linguistics: Methods and Case Studies from Around the World. posted:230309​
  • ​KALLEN, JEFFREY L. 2023. Linguistic Landscapes: A Sociolinguistic Approach. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. posted:230309​

Research articles

  • ABNER, NATASHA; GRÉGOIRE CLARTÉ; CARLO GERACI, ROBIN j. RYDER, JUSTINE MERTZ, ANAH SAIGAT, SHI YU. 2024. Computational phylogenetics reveal histories of sign languages. Science. 383(6682).519-523. DOI: 10.1126/science.add7766

Media mentions

  • PETER JOSEPH TORRES in an interview on language of policies and interactions surrounding opioids with NPR'S "The Show" which aired in KJZZ 91.5 FM
  • ROSS PERLIN and DAN KAUFMAN in The Endangered Languages of New York. New York Times. Feb. 22, 2024. 

In Memoriam 

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