Committee on Gender Equity in Linguistics

Projects and Activities
Past Members of COGEL (formerly COSWL)



Established in 1974 as the Committee on the Status of Women in Linguistics (COSWL), the committee's name was changed to its current form in 2021.


To monitor and advance the status of women in Linguistics and advocate on behalf of gender diversity and equality issues.


The work of the Committee includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Monitoring and advancing the status of women in linguistics.
  • Proposing to the Executive Committee LSA policies regarding the rights, opportunities, and needs of women in linguistics, as well as evaluating said policies.
  • Maintaining liaison with other organizations concerned with gender diversity and equality in linguistics and allied fields and investigating possibilities for cooperating with such groups on specific projects.
  • Advocating for the Society's Guidelines for Inclusive Language, proposing revisions or additions to the Executive Committee as deemed appropriate.
  • Organizing professional development programming to assist women in advancing their careers as linguists.
  • Encouraging research on language and gender, as well as gender and sexuality.

Membership (open)

  • At least 6 members serving three-year terms.
  • At least one graduate and one undergraduate student member.

Committee Leadership

  • Co-Chair: Melissa Baese-Berk, University of Chicago (2024)
  • Co-Chair: Hadas Kotek, Apple, Massachsetts Institute of Technology (2024) 
  • Executive Committee Liaison: Andrea Berez-Kroker (2024) 
  • Staff Liaison: Margaret Vitullo, Executive Director